Zootopia ….. A Movie Review


As far as kids movies go, they are always enjoyable.

But adults watch them specifically for their kids. You wont find too many Adults by themselves in a Kids movie unless accompanied by their children.

And thats fair enough too. Animation films are not every Adults cup of tea though they do seem to enjoy it.

However, Zootopia is a movie which not only the kids but the Adults should watch too.

Not only is it a great animation movie, but its also a movie with substance in it.

A fantastic storyline which might appeal to the adults if they think a bit about it.

Walt Disney Movies seem to have taken up some really mature subjects and put them across in a way that even kids can understand.

The movie talks about Women’s rights, equality and the devious world of Politics where not everything is as it appears to be. And you understand it too, if you look a little beyond the cute Rabbit and the sly handsome fox.

So here is one movie which would be a perfect watch for both the Kids and the Adults (even by themselves).

The message in the movie is subtle for those who can understand it. Its easy to understand for the kids. And if you miss the message, you still have a great watch in any case.

Now, quit wasting your time and do watch this movie.

Its in 3D with 4DX options available wherever possible too.

So yes, its a theater watch for sure. But the movie would be equally impressive without the 3D graphics.

Disclaimer: #DRF will accept donations only in Money and kind. The last time someone sent me a Mickey Mouse rubber in the donation box and frankly, thats just not done !!!!

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