Changing Clothes do not Change the Man !!!

It was another Hot day of March.

The winter had officially ended and the heat had begun to set in, all of a sudden.

I looked out to watch the people parading outside my window, something didnt seem right today.

I bit on my walrus shaped mustache while playing with the stick in my hand, thinking.

In the room, the TV was on. The channels were being switched from one Media channel to another.

I wondered why they wanted to keep on playing the Kanhaiya speech on every other channel.

Zee News was more to our taste. They showed what we wanted. They were the “Sache Desh Bhakts”

We had just finished sending the letter to our people in the Center…..

Too many Anti-Nationals.

Especially in the Universities.

Why were there so many Anti-Nationals in the Universities??

They spoke with such conviction. Such fervor. Their speeches would have put some of our great orators to shame.

I guess, “Mitron” didnt work as much as “Lal Salaam” these days. Bloody Communists…..Socialists…. Democrats….. Whatever…..

And they dressed smart too. Jeans, TShirts, Jackets.

Even their slogans are made into songs which go viral.

Just the other day a few of our own members were seen listening to the Dub Sharma Remix of Azaadi.

This is a dangerous trend. Universtities should change their teaching pattern.

They should write chapters about OUR work during the Freedom struggle.

Make them up if needed. We can always hire the Indian Spin Doctors for that. Where is Dr. Batra these days??

After all, we were the REAL Patriots !! The real Nationalists !!

The White shirts washed with Super whitening TIDE. The Khakhi shorts !!

Come on !! Shorts are Sexy !! Men in Shorts are Sexier !!!

Isnt that the whole reason why Women watch Football??

So whats wrong with our shorts??

“Something needs to be done”, said a voice in my head, “we need a change”.

I glanced at the Kanhaiya speech being flashed on the TV again.

Yes, these students looked smart.

It has to be the way they dress. Thats why so many people are nodding their heads to what they say.

If it wasnt for their dress, no one would have heard them.

Time to change ours.

Enough of those shorts. Though they are sexy …. didnt I tell you about Men playing football.

…………. sorry my mind wandered off there for a moment to Messi’s thighs..*drool*.. apologies.

But yes, enough of shorts. Full pants now !!!

And no Khakhi either. It makes us look like Society Watchmen from the 80s !!

BLUE !!! Navy BLUE !!!

After all Blue is Royal. And we are the Nations Royalty.

Didnt they say “Blue Blood” when they referred to royalty in England??

The pre-Independence British appreciated us.

We are what is left of the last breed of Royalty in our country.

I picked up my pen to write another letter.

“Subject: Change of Uniform….”

Okay thats done then. We will look smarter.

Oops, forgot to write the Post Script:

“PS: Mandir Wohi Banayenge”
……. Just Another Day in Nagpur #ChaddiNahiSochBadlo

Disclaimer: Any relation of this post to anyone in this Country changing their Uniform is purely coincidental.

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