6 Year old Kid writes an Essay on “My Mother” ….. Must Read !!

Essay on “My Mother” by a 6 yr old kid.

My Mother is very loving. She tells me to go to school. She makes me do my homework. But she never scolds me.
My Father sometimes, comes home and shouts at my Mother or beats her, even if its not her fault.

My Mother is also very caring. She gives me milk every day. I always bow to her when I leave the house.
My Father never lets her sleep in the house. He kicks her and pushes her if she tries to enter the house. He says it is better that she sleeps on the street outside.

My Mother is also very kind. She lets me play with her. Even when I fall, her softness makes sure I am not hurt much. She gives me food and water so that I remain healthy.
My Father always curses all the other kids of my Mother. He says they are different than me because they are from a different religion. Even though we all have the same Mother.

The other day me and my friend stole a few oranges from one uncle’s field. The uncle chased us with a Lathi in his hand and threw stones at us.

He also remembered My Mother and called her names.
Something like “Teri Maa Ki @#$@$”, “Teri Maa Ka #@$!@!”

I am not sure which of my Mother was he cursing.

I went home and ate the oranges. I shared some of the oranges with my Mother, gave the orange skins to my Mother sleeping on the street and the orange seeds, I carefully put in My Mother so that someday I will have more oranges.

I love My Mother very much.

Disclaimer: The identity of the 6 year old kid is being kept hidden so that no one else curses his Mother. Bharat Mata Ki Jai…(Just to be safe)

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