Was Narendra Modi laying the foundation stone for Dr. Ambedkar’s memorial? Or praising himself?

BJP PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the memorial of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in New Delhi, yesterday.

It was rather funny that the Foundation Stone plaque had Shri Narendra Modi’s name written in way bigger fonts that Babasaheb Ambedkar’s name. Well atleast they still use only one “Shri” for him.

But then again, I think in today’s times, it is more important as to WHO is laying the foundation stone rather than in “Whose Memory” is the foundation stone being laid.

And this also shows how clueless Modi is about, what Babasaheb Ambedkar stood for or what his strife was all about.

This was further highlighted in the speech that Modi made on this occasion.

For starters, Modi said the he has got an opportunity to fulfill Baba Saheb’s dream by building his memorial after 60 years !!!

Perhaps Modi missed the point that “Oh I want my Memorial built” was not really the dream of Dr. Ambedkar.

His dream was the annihilation of the Caste system with equal rights to all people.

But Modi went on further to say that, Reservations is a Right of the Dalits and nobody can snatch it.

And while Mohan Bhagwat along with all the “Upper Caste” people might have fallen down clutching his chest on hearing these words, this again completely goes against what Dr. Ambedkar stood for.

Even Babasaheb had proposed that reservation was not a RIGHT but a REQUIREMENT of that time to end the disparity between the people at large.

It was the mean to end the caste divide and bring about social equality. It was NOT the end in itself.

Modi further said that if Babasaheb had served in the Government for a longer time he would have done what Modi himself has done “60 years ago”.

Seriously???? Like what?? Cut off funding to Dalit students?? Reduce the welfare funds given for the development of minority communities?? Got his pet boo-boos to hound the already marginalised community to the extent of forcing them to commit suicide?

Add further castes and classes like Jats, Gujjars, Jains to the Reservation category??

Divide the society more on the lines of majority and minority rather than trying to end the social divisive system altogether?

I wonder if Babasaheb fell down laughing when he heard this, but I surely did.

There was just one thing which Modi said which I totally agreed with.

Modi said that, Dr. Ambedkar told the society one thing – get educated !!!

And seriously, thats is a must !

Get educated. Dont just get fake degrees from puny universities on 6 day courses.

Get some serious education about various subjects.

This education will come from having an open mind and reading literature which will make you think more.

This education will not come from reading Dr. Dinanath Batra’s renditions of Amar Chitra Katha about reverse flying planes and bridges made by throwing stones in the sea with Raam written on it.

All said and done, after Modi’s speech, it was pretty clear that he had no clue about who BabaSaheb Ambedkar was or what he had stood for.

Instead Modi made yet another attempt to glorify his own self and tried to relate him in some way or the other to one of the Greatest personalities in the Indian History.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to criticise the Government or the Nation or any Government Official or Office Bearer and I havent even mentioned JNU in the entire post, so you cant tag me as Anti-National. And as a preemptive Self Defence strategy …… Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

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