23rd March: Shaheed Diwas

“Inquilab Zindabad”

Many people have shouted this slogan over a period of time.

Inquilab means Revolution.

A Revolution doesnt necessarily mean over throwing the Government, as is usually confused or deliberately misinterpreted by those in power.

A Revolution can simply mean a change in the current way of doing things in the favour of a new and perhaps better system.

A Revolution doesnt always means taking arms up against the Government or the Society in general and achieving the goals by a violent mean.

It can be a peaceful protest or simply a passionate expression of opinions when those in Power arent giving you a fair due hearing.

Zindabad basically means to “Live Forever”

In other words, Inquilab Zindabad means Long Live Revolution.

Let the Revolution continue … for a better way of life, a better sense of social justice, a better and equitable distribution of resources, a more refined social equality.

Let the Revolution continue till and until the ideal way condition of society can be achieved.

And since, perhaps, the ideal condition of society can never be achieved……. Let the Revolution continue Forever.

This slogan was shouted by Shaheed Bhagat Singh way back in 1929 when he bombed the Central Assembly in Delhi (then ruled by British and not Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal, #JustSayin).

The same Bhagat Singh whom we all love, admire and respect.

The same Bhagat Singh who we remember on every 23rd of March, the day on which he got hanged by the British.

The same Bhagat Singh, who we also remember on every 14th February when some idiots think that was the day he was hanged and so Valentine’s day should not be celebrated and spread WhatsApp messages to that effect.

The same Bhagat Singh who used the slogan which was coined by Maulana Hasrat Mohani.

The same Bhagat Singh who had Ashfaqulla Khan and Shivram Hari Rajguru fighting by his side for the same cause.

The same Bhagat Singh who was a Socialist, a Struggler for Equality, a follower of Karl Marx’s writings …… and an Atheist.

Lets hope that our respect for Bhagat Singh is not merely superficial and to be used only as per our convenience…..

Inquilab Zindabad !! Long Live The Revolution !!

Disclaimer: Telling your boss that you will not do something that you are told to do is not considered as a Revolution, even if you shout “Inquilab Zindabad” and wear a Cowboy hat. You will be kicked out of your job, if you try to do that.

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