Starved for Food, Thirsty for Water….. Students of Hyderabad University

Even as we celebrate the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Diwas, the young students of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) are going through perhaps one of the toughest ordeals of their life.

And once you understand what is actually happening there is only one thing you can say about this……


It was just one day ago on 22nd March that the VC of UoH P Appa Rao Podile decided to make a comeback to the University.

You might recall that Appa Rao had gone on a leave when he was accussed by the UoH students for being responsible for the suicide of Rohith Vemula.

On his return a certain section of the UoH students staged an agitation against him, which allegedly turned violent resulting in the ransacking of the VC’s lodge.

Now, most of the Media has loosely reported this incident.

But what’s happening after that seems to be a total nightmare.

On the same day the Hyderabad Police arrested around 27 students and 2 faculty members for Vandalising the office and the residence of Appa Rao.

On Tuesday another 100 students were booked by the Cops.

The Police Lathi charged the protestors which has got around 750 non-teaching staff to refuse to perform their duties.

All classes have been suspended till 27th March, if reports are to be believed.

And just while you thought that this is where it ends, there is more.

The Administration has managed to close down the University gates with the students still inside the campus.

Outsiders and Media are not being allowed in the Campus.

There is no Food and no water available for the students who are stuck inside the campus and they cant even go out of the campus.

The Mess workers have closed down 14 functioning messes and the canteens are not allowed to be opened by the Administration either, as per the student reports.

Internet services have been cut off and the students have hardly any means of communicating with the outside world.

It appears as if the plan is to starve the students, get them thirsty for even a basic need like water and completely alienate them from the outside world.

Some students are comparing it with a Nazi camp.

In the absence of credible sources it becomes increasingly difficult to get a firm fix on the situation at the Campus and only random reports on numerous Social Media timelines is what can be looked up.

The biggest questions is, Where is the Media?

A Media who loves to poke its nose in everyone’s bedroom seem to be categorically absent from the scene.

None of the mainstream media channels are reporting the situation in the Hyderabad University campus.

Has the Media been blacked out? Or has it been paid off? Or are they simply waiting for a few more Rohith Vemula’s to die so that the news becomes more sensational for getting higher TRP?

Isnt it the responsibility of the mainstream media to report this story in a honest and fair manner?

And what about the Administration?

Yes, I can understand that ransacking the VC’s office was wrong and even criminal to a large extent. I personally, DO NOT SUPPORT violent protests of any kind.

However, these are students. They are not Terrorists that a crack down of this level is required on them.

Why is the HRD Ministry so silent about this?? Does it plan to sit back and watch the Administration destroy the Younger generation pushing them towards being criminals rather than sorting out their problems by a timely intervention?

And finally, what is the rest of Hyderabad doing??

Hyderabad !!!! Do you plan to sit back and behave in a “Out of Sight….Out of Mind” manner?

Do you not feel that this situation needs to be brought to the notice of everyone?

Whoever is guilty should be punished. No doubt about it.

However, an entire University being held under a seize of some sort and deprived of food and water, being almost under arrest in their own campus doesnt sound like justice to me.

The situations in this post are unverified and are taken off from various sources and Facebook timelines.

I do not have the resources to personally verify each and every fact. If someone has more accurate information on this feel free to correct it or add up to it.

A Humble appeal to the Central Government of India, the respective State Government for UoH and the Mainstream Media. Please Intervene. Stop This Madness. End this Horror.

Do Not Create More Rohith Vemulas PLEASE !!!

Disclaimer: Its ironic that on this very day we celebrate the Legend of a Man, who glorified “Inquilab Zindabad”, by crushing the voices of thousands of others who are shouting the same slogan seeking a Revolution for social justice in their own lives by walking on a path shown by him….

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