Wish You All a Very Happy, Fun-Filled and Colorful Holi

So its Holi tomorrow and as usual there are the usual bunch of people making appeals to not celebrate Holi by using water.

And there are the usual bunch of people whose Religious sentiments are getting offended by these appeals.

But hey, I am not going to make any appeals.

I hope all of you celebrate Holi and have a wild time partying, doing rain dance and whatever it is that pleases you.

For me, and a lot of others like me, we dont have a choice.

Even if we live in some of the prominent Metros of Maharashtra, we dont really have enough water to celebrate Holi.

We cant even celebrate a dry Holi, just with the colors.

Why?? Coz it takes more water to wash off that color from your body than it takes to play a Wet Holi.

Right now, we get just enough water to finish with our daily chores for a family of four and by the end of two hours the tanks are dry.

And this is if we are lucky.

Those who arent that lucky are actually living off water which is gotten in from Tankers and even that is sort of rationed and going to the highest bidder.

Ofcourse, we have a choice of buying more tanker water to celebrate Holi and perhaps some people will do it too.

I wont. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt.

So what if places in Maharashtra, like Vidharbha and Marathwada dont even have a drop of water to drink?

Just because someone else cannot celebrate Holi or even drink water, for that matter, doesnt mean that you shouldnt.

You Should !!!

Just because poor people die on the streets due to starvation, that does not stop us from throwing 1000s of Puran Polis in the Fire on the night of the Holi, right?

So why should we think of others? Why should someone even make an appeal to those who HAVE to spare something for those who HAVE NOT.

The only thing I would say is, you have water, you have a blast. Enjoy your Holi and post the pictures on Facebook.

Me?? I, along with many others, will be sitting at home Liking those pictures you post while we wait for the water to reach out taps so that we can stock up the water bottles to last us through the day.

And those who live in Vidharbha and Marathwada?? They will probably be too famished and dehydrated to even notice that you have posted pictures of your Holi celebrations on facebook. Infact you might not even be having any of them in your friend’s list.

But not you….If you dont celebrate Holi and Rangpanchami, your religious sentiments will be offended.

You ofcourse have the rest 364 days to save water, if you want, dont you?? That is, if you want to, even if you dont, it doesnt matter. 🙂

So Everyone ….. Go ahead and have a fun filled Holi with lots of colors and lots of water…….

Disclaimer: Holi is a Festival of Colors and the festival of sharing love. Hope you do manage to spread the love while you celebrate it. Cheers. Wish you all a Very Happy Holi.

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