Rocky Handsome …. A Movie Review


Rocky Handsome is an out and out Action movie.

The movie is a rip off of the Korean movie “The Man From Nowhere” and is almost every bit gory as the original one, though one cannot ignore the traces of John’s previous movie “Force” in it too.

Like most Korean action movies it deals with the underbelly of Drug and Organ Traffic Mafia. Though since this is a Bollywood movie, its based in Goa. Our own land of sin.

John Abraham is perfectly cast in a movie titled Rocky Handsome. For one, he is handsome, no doubt and secondly he has expressions like a Rock.

Since, the movie demands him to fight more and act less, he manages to get away with his stony faced, three expressions “Acting”.

The only emotional scene in the movie when John makes a pathetic attempt at crying, makes you want to cringe and sink in lower in your seat.

But as far as the Action scenes are concerned, John lives up to his name displaying his bulging biceps whenever he gets a chance.

Shruti Haasan plays a miniscule role in the movie just to show that big girls liked Rocky too.

While John takes care of the Action, the acting is taken care of by Baby Diya Chalwad who plays the little girl and Nishikant Kamat who plays the menacing baddie.

Nishikant Kamat, of the Dombivali Fast fame, has done a good job as both as an actor and a Director, keeping the script tight and not letting it drag by useless song and dance numbers.

The couple of songs that are in the movie are item numbers with some darn hot girls dancing in it, so I doubt anyone would complain about those.

Nathalia Kaur, who shook her booty in an item number in “Department” gets a slightly better role in this movie. She gets one item number and three dialogues !!!

In any case, she is looks slurpably delicious, so thanks to the Director for showing us more of her … pun intended 😀

The soundtrack is quite alright, though the background score can be a bit ear jarring at times.

A special mention is needed for Kazu Tang, the main baddie’s henchman who has been seen before in Thailand based action movies.

He has done a fabulous job and I do hope he does more Bollywood action movies, hopefully in the main role.

The movie, is by no way, a family movie. And unless you can explain to your kids why the bad uncle is taking eyes and kidneys out of women and children, I would suggest you keep them at home.

But as far as gory, blood filled action movies go, this is a rather good watch.

Disclaimer: #DRF thanks those two people who sent the Beer Bottle caps as a Donation. Yes, I can use them to scratch your eyes out when I meet you. No I wont sell your eyes if you send the filled bottles with the caps next time.

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