Modi’s Foreign Policy: Are things really turning out the way we thought they would?

The Pakistan Government has turned around and suspended the peace talks with India, right after the ISI JIT finished its investigations in Pathankot and went back home.

And this comes at a time when the Indian NIA team had, but almost, packed its bags to go to Pakistan and carry out their investigations across the border.

This is perhaps the first time that Pakistan has suspended the peace talks with India, its usually India who did it in the past and Pakistan only cried foul.

I wonder if this is yet another “Masterstroke” by Modi as far as his Foreign Policies go.

Like the previous, other masterstrokes of his.

Like the time, when Modi went on to say that “My Dear friend Brraaaacck” was his new BFF and India was making a huge progress in their relationships with the US. Just after which, the US ended up supplying F-16s and Attack Helicopters to Pakistan and all we got out of the relationship was a Youtube video of Modi echoing “May the Phorce Be With You”.

Or maybe like the time when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India and ate Dhokla with Modi in Ahmedabad sitting on a swing and watching “Garba Night with Dandiya Raas”. And then, China went about blocking India’s request to UN seeking a ban on Terrorist Masood Azhar.

And then, there was always the time, when Modi wooed French President Francois Hollande at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, with the pictures of their Bollywoodish moments going viral. And this even as India still awaits the signing and confirmation of the Raphael deal, something which is being discussed since the UPA time.

Ofcourse, how can we forget the time when Modi actually sent a tweet to the Prime Minister of Nepal warning him of an Earthquake which happened in his country. I am not sure if any hugs were involved in this case, but we have all heard the news of Nepal deepening its ties with China giving them a firm foothold in the only Nation which was quite pro-India over the past years, in the Indian sub-continent.

Modi has been spending most of his time out of the Country, touring Foreign shores and giving the Indians a much better idea of the World than is given on the TLC (Travel & Living) Channel. But has that really worked?

Other than Modi getting a Civilian Honor in Saudi Arabia, I have serious doubts about India getting anything concrete, other than mere promises.

Oh yes, there is a list of Modi’s Foreign Policy achievements, which are doing the rounds of WhatsApp and other Social Media, but none of them are Tangible and most of them are speculative and perspective brownie points, usually in a MoU form, which is merely an intention of having a deal and not the deal in itself.

However, we have to admire the amount of Masterstrokes that Modi has played as far as Foreign Policies are concerned.

He could almost be called the Sachin Tendulkar of Foreign Policies.

“Almost” because Sachin Tendulkar actually hit boundaries with his Masterstrokes while Modi seems to be only swinging the bat in the air.

Meanwhile the Indian diaspora is enthusiastically clapping at the style of the strokeplay, not looking at the scoreboard where the runs are just not adding up.

Disclaimer: Having Birthday Cake or Eating Biryani and Dhokla together are simply signs of cordial courtesies, they should not be misunderstood as start of a BFF relationship —– Chanakya (350 BCE – 275 BCE)

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