Fan ….. A Movie Review

Shahrukh Khan comes back as his own fan in the latest offering from Yash Raj films.
It was quite obvious from the promos what the movie was going to be. And whenever a movie is that obvious, there needs to be a certain something different in it to make it stand out from the other similar movies. In this movie there is no such thing.

SRK stars in a double role, as Superstar Aryan Khanna who looks a lot like Shahrukh Khan, and his obsessed fan Gaurav Chanda who looks a lot like Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu Returns (yeah, wo doosri waali).

The Fan goes to meet his idol and gets shunned. What follows is a horrific ordeal at the hands of the fan for … no no, not the superstar, but the audience.
The movie has absolutely zero ingenuity, no twists, no surprises and you dont even have a small chance of boasting “Hey I guessed that” coz all of the audience and their uncles and aunties have guessed, that same thing, already two scenes ago.
The songs are nothing to hum about and the acting is terrible. SRK has done a pretty bad job at being the Fan but he has done an even worse job at being the superstar !!!
I think perhaps SRK can get an award for being so bad at being himself !!
They Director Maneesh Sharma who gave us the quite decent Band Baja Baraat and Ladies vs Ricky Behl has failed miserably at trying to hold the attention of the audience.

He has tried to throw in a couple of chases in the movie a la Darr style, but unlike Darr where you wish SRK keeps running and Sunny never catches him, in these chases you silently pray that both the SRKs come under a truck or something.

The Action scenes are very unrealistic. Maneesh Sharma seems to have forgotten that the action is between a Movie Actor who uses stunt doubles for his roles and a silly young boy from Delhi who runs a cyber cafe…. and both of them are NOT trained in Parkour and Jiu-Jitsu.
So watching them jump from building to building and flying through the air makes one wish he was rather watching Himesh Reshammiyaa’s Tera Suroor. I mean, atleast, with that you know its going to be a crappy movie.
The Movie finally climaxes before you can scratch your eyes out, so thank the Director for not making it too long.

However the movie does manage to give you a meaningful message in the end….. DO NOT WATCH SUCH MOVIES AGAIN !!!!

I wonder why SRK actually did this movie. It has nothing to offer to him as an Actor or as a Star other than grief and pain.
But then there is one thing that he managed to achieve by doing this movie. Now after watching the audience’s wild and angry reaction to this movie he can always say, “Uhuhuhuhu Dekhaa…. Maine Bola tha na …. India is Intolerant…. aaaan”
Disclaimer: I am expecting a premium on the donations to #DRF from you guys. This review is definitely going to help you save loads of money. The “India is Intolerant” line was a joke … Bharat Mata Ki Jai in self defence for using it.

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