3 Point Development Agenda of Modi …

It was not long ago when Modi had gone ahead and said, “Super Computer will do Super Computing and will be the reason for Super Commitment”.

And while the people are still recovering from this super funny tweet, Modi has come up with an equally funny statement.

While addressing yet another election rally, this time in Bengal, BJP PM Modi came forth with his 3 point agenda, “First is Development, Second is Development at a fast pace and Third is Development from all sides”.

Errrrr, thats basically only one point and not three as Modi would like us to believe.

Now, any Corporate head who is listening to such an agenda knows that this is usually the type of presentation which is given by someone who doesnt have anything to say.

Usually thats when the person making the presentation takes the only point he has and then tries to make it appear as if its a lot of salient points, which infact, they are not and the presenter is simply trying to increase the number of slides in his PPT.

That said, this was exactly the same thing which Modi had said in one of his Rallies in Assam on March 26, 2016. Infact most of his speech was the same.

So, I am guessing the Speech writer for Modi has simply done a “CTRL+F” for Assam and “Replace” by Bengal.

The only saving grace was that the writer managed to delete the line about the “Main Bachpan mein Assam Chai bechta tha” coz Bengal doesnt really have a “Bengal Chai” to boast about and Modi couldnt have possibly claimed “Main Bachpan mein Chai ke saath Bengal ke Roshogolla bechta tha”…. no one would have bought it.

Yes, I know, Darjeeling tea is famous but the association of that tea with Bengal State is not as good as Assam Chai. Sorry Bengalis dont hate me for saying this 😛

Now, I wonder if Modi and his speech writer (I am still assuming he doesnt write his own speeches) are heavily influenced by Vidya Balan. It was Vidya Balan who came up with the first 3 point agenda of the same single point when she said that “Movies work only because of 3 reasons… Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”

But if they, actually, are inspired by Vidya Balan, they and the voters might want to remember that at the end of that dialogue what Balan managed to deliver was a “Dirty Picture”.

Meanwhile, even as these boasts of development are going on, in Modi’s own state of Gujarat around 500 Patel leaders were beaten up silly by the cops for carrying out a march to protest against the arrest of Hardik Patel, who is still in jail, charged under sedition for demanding reservations.

Apparently demanding reservations makes you an Anti-National if you are in Gujarat and a Nationalist Patriot if you are a Haryanvi Jat.

Now, I am only hoping that the 3 point agenda of “Development” promised to Assam and Bengal isnt something like the “Development” happening in Gujarat.

That definitely would be a real “Dirty Picture” to watch.

Disclaimer: The biggest question that remains to be answered is “If the Third Development is from all sides, then from which sides are the first two developments?” Anyone answering this question correctly will get 3 things as a gift, “Babaji Ka Thullu, Fast Paced Babaji Ka Thullu and Babaji Ka Thullu from all sides”

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