“Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains” seems to be the motto of the BJP Government

After a string of violent protests specifically in Bengaluru against the controversial strict restrictions on withdrawal of PF, the current Modi Government has done a U-Turn and rolled back the PF restrictions.

The BJP Government had restricted the complete withdrawal from PF account before the retirement of 58 years.

This had led to a huge protest by the garment factory workers in Bengaluru which ended up getting violent where vehicles were set on fire and stone pelting took place damaging property worth Crores and injuring hundreds of people.

The Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya has now gone on record to clarify that the new restrictions would be lifted and the old system of PF withdrawals will continue.

This poses a number of questions, in my mind.

Whenever the current Government is planning to introduce new systems, does it not think about what they are trying to introduce and whether it is in the favour of the General masses?

There were numerous sane minds who had appealed to the BJP Government, including to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaking against this particular change in the PF withdrawals.

These appeals fell on deaf ears and were completely ignored as Jaitley tried to steamroll this “reform” without any sort of importance given to what the common man felt.

It is only after this violent protest that this Government has pulled back the suggested reform.

Take another example of the Jat reservations. The Jats in Haryana protested in the most violent fashion burning up everything in sight and the BJP Government in Haryana and in the Center, simply bent over backwards and granted them the reservations.

The message seems to be very clear. The BJP Government will try to arm twist the people to the best of their abilities. They will not listen to reasonable voices which try to knock some sense into them about their policies. But the moment there are violent protests and strong arm tactics are used against them, they tend to make a quick U-Turn and run.

Whether the demand is justified or not seems to not even be a matter of concern over here !!!

Apparently, either they do not have the courage of conviction to stand by the decisions that they have made or they know already that they have made a wrong decision and want to stick to their guns as long as possible, hoping the public wont notice and take it lying down.

In both the cases, it doesnt cast a very good light on BJP.

This actually reminds me of how the dogs chase after bikes on the road. They will bark and make ferocious faces, snarling at you and run after you as if they are going to kill you. If you fall down they will pounce on you and scare the crap out of you. But if you stop the bike, get down, pick up a stone and even act as if you are throwing it at them, they will stick their tails between their legs and start running away…..

The big question however remains, do people have to get into violent protests and burn things up before BJP Government at the Center to hear their voice, or is it high time this Government stops trying to push people into a corner, listen to the voice of reason and engage in a dialogue with the common man to avoid such further violent protests??

Disclaimer: The Dog analogy is just a representation. This does not mean that the post implies anyone in the Indian Government as dogs. As far as I know none of those in the Government have tails or bark or roll over and whimper when tickled on their tummy, not that I have tried doing that 😉
I respect the Indian Government and will not use derogatory terms for them. I love dogs too 😛

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