Is the ENTIRE brouhaha over Modi’s allegedly fake degrees only an issue for Media Footage??

So the Modi Degree issue seems to have gone soft after all the brouhaha over it for the past few days.

BJP claims that the degrees are Original and have been vouched for by the DU Registrar (though not officially in writing).

The AAP on the other hand is still screaming their lungs out pointing out discrepancies in the degree which cannot be dismissed as “Minor Errors”.

Meanwhile the Congress is sitting on the wall with a big bowl of popcorn in their hands.

On one hand the Congress is demanding Modi to come clear on the degree issue in details and on the other hand they are questioning Kejriwal as to why he isnt going in for a Legal action and taking Modi to task.

Personally, even I am of the view that Kejriwal or someone from AAP legal team should proceed with legal action in this matter.

If AAP does not plan any legal action and take this matter to the courts it will be ascertained that they were doing this simply for gaining Political mileage in the future elections. Just to clarify at this point, I dont think making efforts for Political Mileage is such a bad thing, however it is categorically different from doing a “Great Service to the Nation” as AAP is trying to claim in this issue.

This is similar to BJP and Congress exposing each other’s scams in the Media and then doing nothing about it from a legal point of view. All Political mileage and no service to the nation.

So Congress is actually justified in questioning, why Kejriwal is not filing an FIR against Modi in the Degree issue.

However I have a question for Congress. Why can’t they file a case against Modi for fake degrees? Do they accept the degrees to be original? Or do they think the Modi Degree issue is inconsequential and there is no point in pursuing it?

The Congress surely has spent enough time of their own in calling the Degree as fake and demanding the truth and this is not particularly an AAP issue or even specific to Delhi, though Kejriwal has managed to hog the limelight in this case.

So lets assume Kejriwal did this all for “Political Upmanship”, what’s stopping the Congress from moving ahead against their arch nemesis Modi?

That ways they will kill two birds in one stone, they will take the lead in this issue and will also be in a position to claim that Kejriwal was just a “Barking dog” (excuse the anomaly)

Or is the Congress simply playing the “Narad Muni” here keeping AAP and BJP busy in the mudslinging game over the Degrees while they happily munch on their popcorn …. Oh and dont forget the Coke 😉

Disclaimer: This post does not mean to imply that the Degrees are fake, the computerised degrees and mark-sheets printed by DU in 1977-79, exclusively for one BA student, is the sign of how keen Modi ji was about Digital India even back then.

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