Sairat ….. A Movie Review

Finally managed to watch the movie and its absolutely brilliant.
Nagraj Manjule takes you through the journey of the star-crossed lovers in this movie.
He cajoles with every emotion that you are capable of, leading you through the ups and downs of the love story of Parshya and Archie.
The movie has you laughing and cheering for Parshya, played by Akash Thosar and admiring the sheer guts of Archie, played by Rinku Rajguru.
The movie starts with you clapping your hands with glee at the naughty love (not like wala Naughty) of the two youngsters and then has you sitting on the edge of your seat as the nail biting chase ensues.
It takes you through the obvious discomfort of an immature couple who try to live up a life which requires maturity and understanding.
And just when you are beginning to get a smile on your face, the movie ends abruptly. As abruptly as Life is supposed to end….
The characters are etched so well, that you almost feel like you have met these people somewhere or sometime in your life.
The acting by everyone is smooth and fluidic, no pretenses. And a special mention needs to be made for both the guys who have played Parshya’s friends. They are such a laugh riot.
A fabulous script and an excellent execution with a real life like story and a soul stirring music by Ajay Atul will ensure that you come out of the theaters feeling fully entertained and yet that hint of tears in your eyes.
I would highly recommend Sairat to all my friends, which is much better than most of the recent Bollywood movies which have come out.
Oh, and the Movie comes with subtitles, so even if you dont know the language, I am sure you can enjoy it.
Disclaimer: I wonder how many people are actually going to go and check out the NaughtyAmerica website after reading this, the ones who are not already registered members there, that is 😛

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