Slogans of RSS/BJP/Congress Mukta Bharat, are they really valid or a mere shifting goalposts??

Even as the din of “Congress Mukta Bharat” still reverberates within the hollow termite ridden hallways of the Political spectrum, a new chant seems to be emerging from the left most side.

“BJP/RSS Mukta Bharat”

It was not two years back that a similar slogan was chanted to diminish the Congress and bring it down on its knees. And BJP/RSS, who pioneered those slogans, were quite successful in their campaign.

The majority of the people were swayed by these slogans. They actually thought Congress to be the Devil reincarnate and voted in unity, more against Congress than for BJP.

Somewhere, in the minds of the people, Congress became associated with all that is wrong with the Country; all that is corrupt and a “Congress Mukta Bharat” was seen as the only way for having a prosperous, progressive India, that we all wanted.

Two years have passed since and a lot of people have been disillusioned. They have seen a Congress reduced to a mere 40 odd seats in the Lok Sabha and losing State after State in the on-going elections. But has the Corruption reduced?? Has the Criminality gone out of the social system that we live in?

This is not very different from what happened throughout the 70s when the Communists were painted as the Demons, out to devour humanity and being called a Communist had become almost akin to slander. End result, communism was decimated, save for in a few pockets of this vast country. But did Humanity thrive?? Was Equality achieved??

“Highly doubtful” would be a rather optimistic answer to these questions.

Each and every time the Politicians have associated the evils of the society; Corruption, criminality, inequality, discrimination, with their Political rivals and made the people believe that getting rid of that particular party/organization would be the end-it-all solution for the Nation.

And each and every time people have fallen for this trick. Because, it has always been a trick, a political ploy, to ensure that the people are blindsided into believing, that they are fighting the Evil where as all they are doing was fighting one form of Devil while the one rising up in its stead, was the same Devil, in another form.

The BJP/RSS Mukta Bharat is just another such trick which is being played on the population of India.

BJP/RSS are being shown as the new Devil in the market, something which needs to be fought against and brought down like Ravana, so that the Good can triumph over the Bad, trying to paint a black and white picture of the demographic distribution with no grey areas.

But that is hardly the case. Even if Congress or BJP/RSS Mukta Bharat is achieved, it will neither end corruption nor criminality, because the ones who take their place would be the same set of people donning new caps of a different color. The leftovers of the decimated organization would quickly jump across the fence and join hands with their political rivals. The hardliners will simply form a new organization with a new name.

They will continue to, merrily, loot the nation while the hapless Junta tries to figure out where they went wrong despite doing the needful.

Somewhere down the line, the goalposts have been strategically shifted, deliberately, and this shifting of goalposts will not result in strengthening the foundations or repairing the cracks in the pillars of our nation. It will only be a fresh paint job which will keep the people in a state of euphoria for a few years, till the cracks start showing again, as soon as the paint starts chipping off.

Just like Congress Mukta Bharat did not end up with a Corruption Mukta Bharat, a BJP/RSS Mukta Bharat would not, necessarily, end up with a Criminality or Inequality Mukta Bharat.

Rather than fighting these superficial Devils with different names, the people of India, need to wake up and fight the cause of evil that needs to be eradicated.

The fight needs to be against corruption, criminality, politician-cops nexus, crony capitalism, discrimination of any form, these are the true evils of society. Strive for a Corruption Mukta Bharat or a Criminal Mukta Bharat.

An atmosphere should be created where the Political parties are forced to field candidates who have a clean slate as far as criminality and corruption are concerned. The only way to create this atmosphere is by out-rightly rejecting the candidate fielded in your constituency, if he has a criminal or a corrupt background, despite however charismatic or benign, the face of the campaign, might seem to be. And then it will not matter which party that candidate represents, Congress, BJP or the Left.

Then it wont matter where Congress, BJP or Left exists or not. Chances are they will perish automatically or atleast will have to adapt themselves to the new demands of the people by changing themselves.

Fight not against the Devil but the evil within.

Fighting against one or the other form of Devil will only ensure that the evil keeps turning up with different names and we continue to fight a battle, in which even if the devil dies, the evil will continue to thrive and the people of India will never win.

If you are really a citizen of India, if you love and respect the nation and want to see it progress and prosper, learn to fight for the right cause. Otherwise you will simply end up being a rabble-rouser who will sway in whichever direction the wind is made to blow artificially, by the politicians, and keep demanding a Congress Mukta Bharat, a BJP/RSS Mukta Bharat or a XYZ Mukta Bharat for eternity, while the Rule of the nation continues to switch from one vicious hand to another, however honest your intentions might be.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be pro or anti any political party or organization. Those who have read this post with an open mind will understand the point which is being put across. The others can start calling me a closeted Bhakt, RSS apologist, AAPtard, Communist or whatever it is that your Political inclinations demand that you call me.

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