Virginity !!! Most Outdated …. Yet The Most Important Concept in India Today..

Virginity in Women is an ironic concept.

In a recent case in Nashik, a Village Caste Panchayat allowed a Man to end his marriage because his wife was not a Virgin.

The husband was actually given fresh white sheets to use on his wedding night on a returnable basis, which basically means he was supposed to hand over the sheets back to the Panchayat, after the wedding night, so that they could inspect to see if the sheets were bloodied or not.

Since, this time the sheets were not bloodied, the declared that the Wife was not a virgin and the man could end the wedding based on that.

Its kinda funny to note that the Village Panchayat is so keen to inspect the Wedding Night sheets of married couples on the next day. Some people sure do have weird hobbies. But then again, this might be the only way these “Tharki Buddhas” might be getting their kicks. Its akin to jerking off to porn.

Maybe there will be some sort of a relief for this when Village Panchayats get WiFi and they can get to watch some actual porn rather than fantasizing over the Wedding nuptials of someone else.

Whats ironical, however, is the defence put up by the woman who was “found to be not a virgin”.

She insists that she is a virgin and that since she was training to be a Policewoman she might have damaged her hymen during one of the rigorous exercises.

Seriously??? Does it really matter how and where her hymen was damaged?? Does it really matter if she was a virgin or not?? The man himself was going through with a second marriage, he wasnt exactly a virgin either.

Does the woman really have to justify her loss of “Virginity” to make her appear pious?? Absolutely NOT, according to me.

I say, she should sue the man for defamation, fraud and Rape (having sex under false promises of marriage) and she should take back, with interest, the money that her family paid for the wedding with this Ass.

And even after the Courts rule in her favor, she should still kick the guy out of the house and definitely not spend her life with such a bigot.

If this is not done, this becomes the easiest way for men to have sex. Get married, have sex, declare the woman was not a virgin and officially end the marriage. The best part being that the man doesnt have to pay for sex in this case !!!

Disclaimer: Tharki Buddhas wanting to check Wedding Night sheets is the closest they can get to getting actual Sex —– ConPhusCuous

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  1. idiot849 says:

    Hahaha feminist will die in india


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