Udta Punjab …… A Movie Review


From the stables of Anurag Kashyap comes yet another dark and gory crime thriller which will churn your guts and leave you feeling hollow towards the end.
Udta Punjab has the backdrop of the drug menace in Punjab but goes much beyond simply exposing the problems of a particular state. It can be related to the current young generation in maybe Goa or in the larger metros too.
The movie has been directed by Abhishek Chaubey of the Ishqiya fame, but has a total signature of any other Kashyap movie.

The story is well played off and carries you with it as they try to get the four lead characters to come together, with the only common factor between them being drugs.

The characters are built up slowly over the course of the movie and you start liking them as you go.
Whether it is the almost maniacal Tommy “Da Gabaru” played by Shahid, or the calm and patient Doctor played by Kareena, they all are chalked with their individual traits, perfectly.
Kareena plays a rather understated role in the movie and thankfully that saves us from watching her usual antics on the screen.
Shahid on the other hand is a larger than life Rockstar who thinks the world moves according to his whims and has played his part quite convincingly.

The surprise package of the movie, however, is Diljit Dosanjh, playing the Cop, who manages to add a new dimension to the “Corrupt turned Good Cop”.

But if everyone else is good, Alia Bhatt is phenomenal. She has played the part of the “Brutalised Girl forced on drugs” to perfection and some of her expressions are so amazing that you might think of watching those parts of the movie again.
The Music is in line with the theme of the movie and does not hamper its pace.
The best thing that I liked about this movie is that the makers have not glorified drugs in any manner, which makes the message of the movie even more impactful.
I would actually think that most youngsters, in their teens and above, should watch this movie, and if they do, I have a feeling they will never dare to take drugs in their life.

The movie is definitely not a family movie and has rightfully got the adult certificate.

The abuses and the use of the needle might be felt as excessive by some, but frankly, its pretty realistic. You dont expect a Punjabi baddie to speak without an occasional BC MC thrown in.
Perhaps the only disappointing thing in the movie is the climax scene. The movie builds up to an explosive ending and the climax is so cut and dry, that you feel like you havent had a closure …. but then again, perhaps Anurag Kashyap wanted to leave you hanging and thinking about what you had just watched.
Finally, this is an out and out Anurag Kashyap type of a movie. So if you are looking for a “Wham Bam Thank You Maam” kind of a weekend entertainer, wait for the next Rohit Shetty movie to come in.
For those who liked movies like Shaitaan, Ugly, Udaan and Gulaal ….. this one can definitely be added on the same shelf as those.
Disclaimer: #SayNoToDrugs or as they say Drugs Di Maa Di ……..

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