Sultan ……… A Movie Review


Sultan is based on a regular run of the mill storyline.

An ageing Superstar/Sportsman who was a big thing in his hay days, goes down hard and then returns one final time (for a good cause usually) to test his mettle and makes the best of it.

You have seen this a 100 times, perhaps a thousand if you have seen as many movies as I have, and I am sure you will see it a few hundred times more.

Yet, Sultan manages to entertain you and keeps you glued to the screen till the end.

The movie has that little bit extra in it.

Maybe its the earthy wrestling fights in the first half or the modern Mixed Martial Arts fighting in the second half.

Or perhaps its that romantic angle thrown in with Anushka Sharma delivering a stoic performance.

Its definitely something more than just Salman Khan’s six-ish packs, which show two more expressions than all the expressions shown by Sallu Bhai, himself.

Everyone else of the Starcast, including Randeep Hooda have got minuscule roles, so its basically Salman Khan all the way.

Salman, however, has been perfectly cast in this movie by Ali Abbas Zafar and I am sure his fans would agree with me.

The movie requires Salman to go without his shirt most of the time, which is something that he loves doing, and his fans love watching.

Also, he doesnt have to act much, which is something that he doesnt quite like doing and something that his fans cringe watching.

A slight difference is that this movie also requires Salman to go without his pants most of the time too, so his fans must be cheering with joy and choking and fainting over their popcorn, for sure.

Ali Abbas Zafar has managed to keep Salman subdued and away from his usual monkey antics, safely into the Arena and busy fighting other wrestlers, as he tries to focus the emotional twists on Anushka. Fair job done at that, I must say.

The music is quite lousy, saving the “Jag Ghoomiya” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, which is a treat to your ears.

All in all, the movie goes light on your nerves and you do find yourself cheering for the Indian Wrestler who is fighting all the Firang Monsters, against all odds.

Despite a common storyline, average performances, easy to predict ending and a pretty low key music score, I would still recommend this movie for atleast a one time watch for audience of all ages.

The other option is to watch Great Grand Masti and wrestle yourself out of the movie hall for being an idiot.

Ofcourse, if you are not a Salman Khan fan, you might as well spend your time and money on Mohd Ali Road eating some delicious Biryani, instead 😉

Disclaimer: The rumours that Salman Khan’s nipples have more screen time than Anushka Sharma’s is baseless, she has never taken that damn sports jacket off. Or was that about Anushka’s screen time? Maybe I read the rumor wrong 😛

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  1. Thanks for sharing nice article… The movie requires Salman to go without his shirt most of the time, which is something that he loves doing, and his fans love watching.


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