Who is Zakir Naik??

Who is Zakir Naik?

Some might find this question on the same lines of that of Ayn Rand and a mere rhetoric, but no, its a straight and simple question.

Seriously !!! Who is Zakir Naik??

About a week back, I am sure most of you, if not all, would not be even aware of the name. Even I had simply heard the name of Zakir Naik, thrown about the Social Media, now and then.

It was only after the constant bombardment of the name on the Media that I actually thought of doing some checking on him.

As far as I could find, Zakir Naik is a TV Preacher who talks on how the religion Islam is the best religion that every human being should follow. In that, he is no different than the 100s of other such Preachers from various religions who say almost the same about their own respective religions.

Zakir Naik uses Peace TV as his channel to propagate his views. Peace TV is similar to what Aastha Channel is for Hindus or Miracle TV is for the Christians.

Peace TV has been banned in India for quite some time by the way.

So, is Zakir Naik a hate preacher?? In all honesty I have not come across a single video that shows Zakir Naik advocating hate or terrorism.

Yes, he does try to explain how a Husband should beat up his wife “lightly with a toothbrush”, but I havent come across a single toothbrush weilding terrorist as yet.

So, at the best, Zakir Naik seems like a TV Evangelist and at the worst, a clown.

A Clown in the world of 1000s of others who think that wearing a Ratnajadit Locket, or eating Samosas from a certain shop would get rid of your marital problems or on the lines of those who think that holding their palm to your forehead and shouting “Hallelujah” would cure you of your cancer.

Ofcourse, for those who are seriously enlightened and understand and agree with the likes of Zakir Naik, would disagree with me on the “Clown” bit, but me being a poor unenlightened soul find all this a Mumbo Jumbo Hocus Pocus, which goes way over my head. So, more power to you enlightened souls.

Does Zakir Naik, instigate terrorism?? Once again, I couldnt find a video that could make me conclude that he did. I havent really found any speech of his which goes about differentiating between RaamZaade and HaramZaade or screaming at rallies that “If the cops turn their heads away for a few moments blah blah”. That part of the job is being done well by the Sadhvi Prachis, the Yogi Adityanaths and the Mohammed Owaisis of the world.

Now, maybe he has made a speech like that which I havent come across, I cannot claim to have seen all his speeches, but thats something that a simple Police investigation can sort out.

A couple of terrorists claiming they were inspired by Zakir Naik to become terrorists can be used to target Naik, as much as, a couple of kids playing cricket and breaking windows can be used to target Virat Kohli.

I wonder if Zakir Naik is the instigator or Arnab Goswami. The way he conducts his debates he almost makes me feel as if he is instigating the Indians to go to war with Pakistan or something.

So, what exactly makes Zakir Naik, so important that we need to be spend 7 full days watching the News drama about him unfold with almost daily debates on the Prime Time of Media channels?

Is that what the Nation really wants to know?

I would rather want to know what happened to the Agusta Westland case, how many got arrested?

Or what happened to the Vyapam Scam? How many of those deaths got fairly investigated?

What about the Coal Scam? The Coal Import Scam? The Adani Daal Scam? The Rs. 45,000 Crore under reporting of Telecom companies? (I might have missed a few hundred more of these scams).

Is that not what the Nation wants to know anymore??

Well, I do … but then, I am just a poor unenlightened soul, remember??

As they say, whenever there is a dust-storm around you, always try to find out what it is that they are smuggling behind the cover of the cloud of dust.

So once again….

Who is Zakir Naik??

Disclaimer: This post is neither in the support of or against Zakir Naik or his preachings. You can hit your wife with a toothbrush or lick toothpaste off her face, its up to you. Just dont come crying to me when the wife pokes your butt with the wrong end of the toothbrush ….. without the toothpaste.

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