The Circle of Bhakts

Bhakts: I hate Muslims, they are the terrorists of the World !!! Did you see what that Muslim guy did at the Orlando Gay bar??

LGBT People: So does that mean you care about the LGBT people?

Bhakt: Are you crazy?? Gays are sick and abnormal . And these Transgenders !! They just want to invade Women’s restroom and harass the Women in our society. We need to protect our women !!

Women: So you care about the Women then?

Bhakt: Shut up you b|t@# !! Indian Women are not oppressed. You should look at Bangladesh and Pakistan to see how they oppress their women. You are just a bloody Feminazi!!

Refugees: So does that mean you care about people from other countries??

Bhakt: You bloody refugees, come to our lands and create all problems here. Stay out of our country. We have a lot of our own people who need help. Not everyone here has their own home and get food, that we have to feed all of you too !!

Homeless People: So does that mean you care about people who need help??

Bhakt: Get a job you fukatchand !! You just want to sit on your ass and beg, while we have to give away our subsidies to feed you.

*Fills up his free Gas subsidy form and walks away*

Disclaimer: Read this post somewhere on the Social Media and modified it in the Indian context 😉

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