And This is How the Level of Discourse Drops …..

A friend of mine messaged me, right out of the blue, the other day.

He: Dude, you know, the level of discourse these days has gone down the drain !!!
Me: Oh !! What do you mean?

He: You make a post about these AAPtards or about their sucker Master Khujliwal and they start pouncing upon you and abusing you.
Me: But….

He: And thats not all, you say something about these BJPigs or about their sick Lord Fekuman, the Bhaktards will start hurling the choicest abuses at you.
Me: But dont you think…..

He: I wonder what sick minds are there on Social Media who cant even have a civil discussion while talking about the ones whom they brown nose all the time….. bloody perverts.
Me: Ummm okay.

He: What do you have to say about this?
Me: I have just one thing to say about this ….. “Bhai Tumhare pair kaha hain??” (Bro, where are your feet).

Thankfully the guy didnt pursue why exactly was I looking for his feet and I didnt have to explain my sudden urge to touch his feet and seek his blessing for his profound observations.

But the fact remains, that for every “Beti ki Setting” or “50 Cr ki Girlfriend” or “Wo Naxalite Anti-National hain” or “Italiand Bar Maid” thrown in your face, there would be a “Coward and Psychopath” and “Mass Murderer” in response.

The fact remains that whenever you begin your post/comment with a “Kejribawal” or a “Feku Mass Murderer” or a “Pappu is a Chu!#!#”, the level of discourse has already fallen.

Ofcourse, one can painstakingly justify, how his making that comment is not really a drop in the level of discourse but even to a casual observer it would not seem like a fair justification.

So, if you really take a pride in keeping a civil level of discourse, you might want to keep your own comments clean.

Start hurling shit bombs and in most cases you will end up with some of that poo on your face too.

Disclaimer: I do not stand by the derogatory terms used in this post, if you accuse me of dropping the level of discourse here, I will throw bananas at you !!!

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