Rakhi Sawant Has Modi All Over Her !!!!

So Rakhi Sawant has gone ahead and worn a sexy hot number with Modi’s face plastered all over it, at an event in Chicago.

You have to see it to believe, to what extent Rakhi Sawant can go to get her two minutes of fame.

Obviously, had it not been for her Modi Mania Dress, no one would have even cared if Rakhi Sawant had been to Chicago or Chinchpokli.

Anyways, according to Rakhi, she did this to express her love for Modi…… Ahem !!!

So Modi’s photos on her dress with his one hand seemingly grabbing her boobies and his face pasted exactly over her butt with an expression of appreciation on it, is Rakhi Sawant’s way of expressing her love.

I just hope, that this does not become a fashion craze of some sort or all the guys would have to do the next time is look at a girl’s butt to see who is the guy she loves.

All said and done, Rakhi Sawant has managed to achieve two things by wearing this dress.

She has made Modi the First Prime Minister of India (yeah he loves being that, doesnt he) to have his face plastered over a woman’s butt.

And she has given another chance to Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi to claim that “Modi Ji’s hand is always in Fake Development”.

And we all know about the Fake Development that Rakhi Sawant’s boobs have gone through.

In her own words, “Jo Bhagwan nahi deta, wo doctor deta hain”

Disclaimer: If anyone wants to express their love for this poor lil Monkey (aka Moi) by pasting my pic on their butt, please do me a favor and DONT FART !!! 😦 😦 😛

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