The Politics of Hate …

There is a definite change of events on Social Media. I dont know about others, but I am seeing an obnoxious, if not a completely abusive face of the Congress supporters.

Have those Congress supporters, who showed restraint and class in their debates before, lost it?? Or did they never have it, in the first place and were only subdued due to the heavy electoral defeats of the past??

I am not sure if its something to do with the Punjab elections where suddenly Congress and AAP, both consider themselves to be the top contenders in winning the state and the BJP/SAD combine is kinda written off.

Whatever might be the case, my observations have shown that the Congress supporters who were hiding under the woodwork for quite sometime have suddenly resurfaced, as if charged with some extra energy and are hitting out at AAP.

While previously most (not all) Congress supporters sounded well cultured and reasonable people, their posts these days reek, not only of arrogance, but seem to be deliberately obnoxious and rabble-rousing.

The AAP supporters, who were busy hitting out at anything that smelt of Modi, have been taken unawares and are right now countering the Congress attacks on Social Media, ,trying to figure out, why exactly are those people, who they considered their friends on Facebook have suddenly started a campaign of vicious attacks on them and their party.

Meanwhile the BJP supporters have suddenly gone quiet about the Gandhi Family and are also targeting AAP, something which they had never given up.

AAP supporters currently look like they are fighting their social media battle on two fronts.

And one thing is for sure, that while both Congress and BJP speak in dismissive terms about AAP, considering them not worth their attention, the focus of both these huge parties is definitely on AAP.

Meanwhile, for people like me, these are fun times.

Disclaimer: “Bhaiya ek extra large cheese popcorn aur chilled beer dena”

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