Mohenjo Daro …… A Movie Review

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Mohenjo Daro, the latest offering from the team of Ashutosh Gowariker, is a slight long film. Its around 2 hours 20 mins too long.

The moment you see Hritik Roshan battling an alligator in the first 15 mins of the movie, you know you are in for a tough time making it through the rest of the movie.

The movie is loosely based on the city of Mohenjo Daro and its disappearance, which strongly resembles the dramatic disappearance of Pompeii, almost identical to the point of a poor man battling the King and his evil forces.

The volcano is replaced by a flood though.

The movie is actually quite silly. Silly to the extent, that you dont even try to find any relevance to film making.

Hritik tries his best to deliver an Agneepath-ish performance but ends up looking completely miscast.

Pooja Hegde, cast as the protagonists love interest, fails to impress even though she tries a lot to look like a lost Antelope, what with her horny headgear, and Alia Bhattish smile.

The only romantic scene looks like, it has been ripped off Hritik’s own Parle Hide and Seek Milano Ad (the one in the basement).

Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh have delivered the better moments in the movie, simply with their menacing screen presence which makes atleast those scenes worth watching.

The special effects are rather kiddish, especially the destruction of Mohenjo Daro by the floods. That was totally amateurish. Watch “The Day After Tomorrow” if you really want to see some great disaster effects.

The fight scenes alternate between being stupid and crass.

Actually they should have a contest to determine which of the three fight scenes were more stupid…….

Hritik fighting the Alligator, Hritik fighting the Two Cannibal Gladiators or Hritik fighting Arunoday Singh.

Personally I think, Ashutosh Gowariker, who has given us movies like Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar, should sue himself for making such a movie.

Disclaimer: Both of the two stars given to this movie are for Ashutosh Gowariker. One for making everyone Google “Mohenjo Daro” and reading up on the History of the lost civilization and the second one for making us realize that not every movie made by him needs to be a good one.

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