A Flying Jatt …….. A Movie Review

* * * 1/2

After a random bunch of overhyped movies, A Flying Jatt comes as a refreshing breath of fresh air.
The movie makes no pretense at being a serious movie but is specifically targeted towards the kiddie audience who would probably be jumping up and down in their seats throughout the movie.
A Flying Jatt introduces a new breed of reluctant SuperHero who is funny and daring at the same time.
Tiger Shroff does a commendable job at playing the Sikh Superhero who fights the evil Corporate baddie played by K K Menon and his extra evil henchman, some huge guy with no hair and too many tattoos.
When he is not donning a gaudy looking Superhero costume and fighting crime, Tiger Shroff spends his time looking pretty and giving Jacqueline Fernandez a run for her money.
Infact if it wasnt for Jacqueline’s outstanding booty, the Director Remo could have actually cast Tiger in a double role and done away with the cost of a Heroine altogether.
Remo had to dedicate a whole song to Jacqueline’s booty to make sure that the audience knows who the heroine of the movie is. “Beat Pe Booty” Yay !!
But even then, the movie is totally enjoyable, till the climax scene, which somehow they have managed to mess up.
Then again, when you make the baddie character stronger than the Superhero, you have to take the fight to the moon to make sure the Hero wins, somehow.
However, since the movie basically talks about Tiger Shroff as a Superhero, we can leave logic aside, for the entire scene of the last fight.
The CGI effects are pretty good which makes the fights interesting and the music is quite hummable.
The movie also makes an attempt to push the Social Message of “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” and “Say No to Pollution” in a way which is far more effective than posting Selfies with Brooms on Facebook.
All in all, this is a perfectly enjoyable movie which can be watched by kids and their parents, as long as they are still kids at heart.
Those who think that movies should be completely logical and entertainment while watching a movie is only a by-product, might want to give this a miss.
Disclaimer: The 2 stars out of the 3 and half are for Jacqueline’s amazing booty which I cant seem to get out of my mind. The rest 1 and half star is for the beautiful Tiger Shroff sans the booty.

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