Pink …… A Movie Review


Shoojit Sircar’s Pink tries to take on the misogynistic mindset of the Indian society and highlight the importance of consent while having sex.
While, the movie does manage to do a fairly good job at addressing this social evil and bring forth something which is talked about almost daily on news channel debates, as a form a entertainment, Pink is rather lukewarm.

The movie is quite predictable right from the first scene, especially for those people who have an idea about what the movie is.

The story-line is sketchy with quite a few loopholes though the presentation is quite good and different.
Amitabh Bachchan takes the center stage as a retired Lawyer who makes a come back to the courtroom, trying to uphold the rights of three girls who are being harassed by rich spoilt brats. He does a fine job at portraying his character, sometimes lost and sometimes as sharp as a kitchen knife.
But, its more of the three girls who have delivered a solid performance. Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Taraing have managed to give very convincing performances and at times you do feel solidarity for the girls, whom the society is hell bent on breaking down.
Piyush Mishra has tried to deliver a stoic performance as the lawyer for prosecution but the constant mumbling can prove to be irritating.
Infact almost everyone in the courtroom including Amitabh and the judge, at some point of time, mumbles, I wonder why !

The courtroom drama, which becomes the highlight of the movie, is entertaining but totally filmy. I am sure the Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury took no legal consultation of how a courtroom actually operates.

This is perhaps the first court case, I have ever seen, in which the clients of the prosecutor are sentenced to a punishment when the case ends. (Oh come on we know that right from the time the court case starts).

To be fair to Pink team, Shoojit Sircar tries to take on a Mature subject and makes no qualms in presenting it without any sort of sugar coating, and thats admirable.

Overall, I would say, the movie is quite alright for a one time watch and is much better than watching Emraan Hashmi playing a ghost and earning his payment, by kissing anyone who comes within 20 feet of him, in Raaz Reboot
Disclaimer: For those who have already read Amitabh Bachchan’s letter to his grand-daughters, watch the movie for the performances rather than for the story 😉

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