BJP’s Standard Operating Procedure for responding to Terror Attacks …. LEAKED !!!!

India seems to have a set manual for how to respond to terrorist attacks.
I am guessing that this is how the Manual for the BJP Government would be:
Standard Operating Procedure for Terrorist Attacks:
> Appropriate Hashtag to be decided for the event. Suggestions to use #(PlaceofAttack)Attack

> Blame Pakistan with immediate effect so as to absolve the lack of Internal Security measures being taken.

> Immediate outrage over Social Media with a week long (minimum) of posts dedicated to those Army Jawans who lost their lives in the attacks. After the outrage has died down no need to check on how their families are doing or improve the conditions of the Army and the outdated weaponry that they use.
> Modi to give a speech on how “Such acts of Terrorism will not be tolerated”
> Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar to give statements on how this was the last infiltration EVER, while trying to take a dig at Arvind Kejriwal’s tongue/cough/muffler (whatever is applicable at that time).

> Home Minister Rajnath Singh to chair high level meetings which are filmed by ANI cameras and uploaded on Social Media for everyone to get the feeling that the Government is very serious about dealing with cross-border terrorism.

> Rajnath Singh to issue press statements about how not even a single chuha (rat) can enter India from now onward.
> Arnab Goswami to call a couple of supposed Pakistani Army Generals (retired) and blast the hell out of them, shake his fists at them.
> Retd. General Bakshi (or similar) to go on TV debates and threaten the Pakistani panelists on how India kicking their ass is as easy as taking candy away from a kid. If possible cry like a baby.
> RSS leaders screaming for Pakistan’s blood, calling it “THE LAST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED….” and discussing about sending 200,000 Shakha Karyakartas to affected area, on paper.

> Modi promising “Karara Jawaab” with “Laal Laal Ankhein” with a “Eent se Eent Baja Denge” thrown in for a good measure.

> James Bond Ajit Doval led NIA to be sent for further investigations of the attacks to find out how we can blame Pakistan some more and shame them in the UN.
> Form opinion polls on news websites to see how many people choose the option of going to war with Pakistan.
> Look forward to go to Pakistan for the next Birthday celebrations.
> To be repeated after the next terrorist attack.
Disclaimer: Actions speak louder than words but as far as winning elections in India is concerned, Words are more than enough.

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