If Modi Ji was born before India’s Independence ……

I recently saw some adverts which were proudly claiming that “Modi is the First PM of India, to be born after Independence”.
While I am not sure why exactly this is something to boast about, but there is one thing I am thankful about.

I am quite thankful that Modi was born after Independence. If he was born before Independence, we would have got WhatsApp messages like:

“Do you know Bal Narendra, akele hi Bharat ka Zenda lekar Britishon pe toot pade they??”
“When NaMo told Gandhi ji he had stopped eating Salt, Gandhi ji went and did the Dandi March”.
“Lala Lajpat Rai kept screaming GO BACK SIMON !!! GO BACK SIMON !! But Simon didnt listen. The Modi ji went showed his Laal Laal Ankhen to Simon and said, ‘ Beta tu ghar jaa’ and thats when Simon went back home #Respect #NaMo
And finally,
“When India became free all leaders went to Modi ji’s house and told him, ‘Narendra Bhai we want you as our Prime Minister’ But Modi ji flatly refused and said he was busy catching crocodiles …. and thats how Nehru became our First Prime Minister”
Disclaimer: My love for the WhatsApp community and my unyielding confidence in the accuracy of their news messages remains unshaken.

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