Is Mamta Kulkarni planning to give a tough competition to Raadhe Maa???

Remember Mamta Kulkarni??
“Bharoooooo….. Maang Meri Bharoooo” … wo wali 😉
Ah now you remember her !!
So, Mamta Kulkarni is planning to give a tough competition to Radhe Maa.

Claiming her innocence in a drug scandal, Mamta has defended herself saying that she is a “Yogini” !!!

Both Radhe Maa and Ramdev Baba must have been rather alarmed by this news.
You know how the things go, if you have a shady background and a fan following and put on enough lipstick or wear a Salwar at some point of time, while claiming to be spiritually inclined, there are fair chances that you will soon have your own Baba (or Babi) business going great guns.
And Mamta Kulkarni has been there, done that. Though she has never had as big a fan following as Radhe Maa or Ramdev Baba, she surely looks way hotter in a Red Mini-skirt than Radhe Maa or in a Salwar than Ramdev Baba. And ofcourse we have all seen her doing some extremely difficult Yoga poses.

The only problem is that she is not in India, she is sitting pretty in Kenya. And to the best of my knowledge, she is not involved in those Nigerian email scandals either.

That said, I dont think Ramdev Baba or Radhe Maa have any reason to worry about. Mamta is making these claims only because she wants to be out of the drug case she is allegedly involved in, due to her close association with a noted criminal. So, I doubt she actually wants to come back to India and become a Sadhvi, or something.
But, if Mamta is saying all this just to get out of the case, she is surely on the wrong track. She should remember that some Babas have indeed got arrested and are right now doing “Araam” on their “Ass” in jail, so claiming to be a Yogini might not get her off the hook.
There might just be a solution though. Perhaps if she chants NamoMan Chalisa 5000 times daily and learns to fly a kite, she might stand a chance of getting out of this mess. Some of the Bollywood Industry people, belonging to Mamta Kulkarni’s fraternity, have been benefited a lot by this solution.

The courts might finally rule that the drugs got peddled by themselves and jumped into the addicts nose on their own accord.

And rather than trying to give Radhe Maa and Ramdev Baba a run for their money, I think this is a way better solution.
Disclaimer: This post is not intended to insult Ramdev Baba, I thought he looked pretty cute in the Salwar, wonder if he got any offers from the Film Industry …. The Wedding Dancers Scene??

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