Jio Mukesh Bhai, Jio ….

Move over Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan …. Sit down Sachin Tendulkar…. Make way for the hottest new modelling sensation of “Modi”fied India.
Mukesh Ambani has launched the Reliance Jio with a lot of fanfare.
While other Mobile service providers have not even recovered from the “data plans” of the Ambani, they must be reeling even more with the Brand Ambassador of Jio.

Yes !!! Its none other than our favorite mascot of India ….. Narendra Modi.

Anyone who still reads the newspaper, must have been greeted with a full front page advertisement of a grinning Modi in a blue jacket dedicating the Reliance product to 1.2 billion Indians.
While other companies have chosen to have film stars or Zoozoos to endorse their products, Mukesh Ambani has gone ahead and hired the Prime Minister of our Country to do the same.

Coz, after all, who better to carry on a product advertisement than the Man who gets the highest number of eyeballs on any social media post and has his face plastered all over the Country’s billboards.

Why is the Prime Minister allowing himself to be declared as the Brand Ambassador for the product of a private company, is a question which many sane minds would ask. However, that wont stop the Bhakts from lining up outside the Reliance stores for buying the Jio cards, just because they have been endorsed by Modi.
There are two things that this advertisement has confirmed though.
That Modi can be now used by Private Investors to sell their own products and would loving pose for them.
And that everything has a price.

It was quite some time back that Dhirubhai Ambani set off with the slogan of “Kar Lo Duniya Mutthi Mein” and one can safely say that atleast as far as India is concerned, the slogan appears to have come true.

Disclaimer: According to the recent developments in India, the Celebrity endorsing any products will be held responsible for the faults occurring in the products. All Reliance Jio customers are requested to make a note of this information and use it as and when needed. 😉

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