Tera Kutta Kutta, Mera Kutta Tommy !!!

When Mohan Bhagwat wears a Khakhi Half pant and makes a statement about how Hindu Women should have 4-5 kids and someone ridicules it by calling him a “Chaddi” a “Walrus” or how misogonyst his statement is …… its not mocking.
When a Muslim Woman is given lectures on “Female Liberation” because she wants to wear a hijab or a burkini out of her own will …. its not mocking.

But when a Jain Monk sits naked in the Assembly and says “Religion is the Husband and Politics is the Wife” and goes on to make comments which preach about how a Wife should dutifully obey her husband, because its her Dharma !!! …… No one should ridicule either the Nakedness of the Saint or the comments that he has made.

Do you know why?? Because I, along with my family, watch his program on TV, everyday and bow down to him and pray him.
Because, “Tera Kutta Kutta, Mera Kutta Tommy”
Disclaimer: None of the people are mentioned in the post or the pic are being equated with a dog. Its just a pretty famous phrase used to highlight the hypocrisy. Also, I dont have money to pay, incase you sue me for defamation of any sort. Concentrate the lawsuits on those who have money.

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