What Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma actually meant when he asked Women to not wear skirts in India ……

A few days back, the Culture Minister of India, Mahesh Sharma issued an Advisory Note for the tourists visiting India.
Since, the time this has happened, almost all the ladies I know and their aunties, who want to get them married off, have got their chuddidars and sarees in a bunch.
Mahesh Sharma, in his advisory note had mentioned that Ladies should not wear skirts and should not roam around in the night. Somehow, the Ladies are outraged, terming these comments as highly misogynist.

And I, for one, cant seem to understand the angst of these outraged women. It seems that the ladies have got Mahesh Sharma pegged wrong.

The comments made by Sharma are definitely not against the women or the type of dress they wear. You just need to interpret them correctly.
When Sharma says, “Women should not wear skirts”, what he actually means is that the Men in India are so Over-Tharki that they would attack anything that moves, if its wearing a skirt.

We, men of India, are fine when it comes to watching hanging ding-dongs of shriveled old men, but when it comes to a peek-a-boo of creamy milky white thighs, we simply cannot control the urges in our own ding-dongs.

We have tough time controlling ourselves with the bared midriffs, open navels and the sliding “palloos”… oops….so you can imagine our plight when it comes to flashing thighs, especially when they belong to a “Gori Mem”. You do know the Indian Male’s liking for “Gori Gori” right?
Infact, we have a whole song dedicated to us, by the Anti-National Aamir Khan ….. “Tharki Chokro aayo re”

Also, when Mahesh Sharma, requests the Women to not roam around at night, he doesnt mean to restrict them. He actually wants to warn them about the average Indian man lurking around in the dark waiting to pounce upon hapless women, taking them to secluded places and having our way with them.

Now, I am not sure if Mahesh Sharma, who is the Culture Minister, wants to suggest that this is the “Culture” of Indian Men, but I wouldnt be too surprised if that is the case, given the fact that Sharma’s own culture is associated with those, whose mindset starts with wearing a Khakhi Half Pant, flashing their own not so milky white thighs and considering their wives (if any), as merely baby making facilities.

So, I humbly appeal to all the Women to not be outraged about the statements of Mahesh Sharma. If at all anyone needs to be outraged its the Men.

But why would we, Men, be outraged about something like this? We firmly believe that a Man can go around in a “Langot” or even without it, or stand in the middle of the street in a Lungi pulled up to his thighs while scratching his balls in public, but a even the slip of the “Ghoonghat” of the woman should be punished with a minimum punishment of name calling about her “loose” character, if not more.
Disclaimer: Travel Advisory for Tourists visting India…..
If you are a Lady, Cover your body.
If you are a dude, doesnt matter if you go nude.

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