Come on India !!! Let’s Outrage ……

OUTRAGEOUS !!! SHOCKING !!!! We Indians are ……
India has become the land of “Outrage” over the past few years. We, Indians, love outraging over anything and everything. So much so that we even outrage over someone else’s outrage.
We are so interested in outrages of one or the other kind, that most of the websites are capitalizing on it by simply using words like “Outrageous”, “Shocking”, “Can You Imagine” as clickbait headlines to make the viewers hit their pathetic stories.

If we come across a headline which says, “Outrageous: A Man goes …..” We will surely end up clicking on it to see, where the man goes, what was the man up to, who is this man and did he finally reach wherever it was he was going.

We want to know everything about this Man and his outrageous deed, however trivial and beyond our ability to influence it, though we might not know who our next door neighbor is.
So while these websites are taking full advantage of our need to be in a permanent state of Outrage, why should the Actors stay behind?
Time and again they have been exploiting our constant need for outrage by creating a mountain out of a mole hill.
Take the recent case of the rather unknown actress Tannishtha Chatterjee slamming an equally little known show called Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza.
Till the time this controversy came into play, I wasnt aware of either the actress or this particular show that they even existed. And seriously if you guys knew about either of two before this controversy happened, I think you guys have way more time on hands than me (and I have loads of time on my hands 😛 )

Infact the only reasons I had heard of the movie, Parched (which has been released recently), was because I am an avid movie fan and Radhika Apte’s sex scene was doing the round of the Internet.

And we all know that the only thing which can woo us away from being Outrage, is anything which has to do with “Sex”.
So, Tannishtha went to this particular show with the full knowledge that the show was a Roast show. A Roast by its concept and format is a show where the guest on the show is …. errrr … Roasted. Which basically means Below the Belt insults which are supposed to be humorous. The guests are subjected to comments which are racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic and everything else you can think of which will raise more than just a few eyebrows in a politically correct society.
Its not everyone’s cup of tea. It certainly is not mine, but then again, I wouldnt go to watch one, much less be the part of one.

But Tannishtha knew this !!!

So what did she expect?? To not be roasted and just shallow fried till she achieves a golden yellow color?? (and no this has nothing to do with her skin color but more with general culinary skills).
The hissy fit that Tannishtha has thrown, is something like you going to watch a blue film and then being outraged about it having too much Sex in it !!!
And she sat through two whole sections of the roast before “storming out” of the show.
This does make me feel that this was all a carefully orchestrated promotion for a movie which otherwise would have been lost in obscurity irrespective of how good (or bad) it was.
The end result of this entire controvery is:
Tannishtha Chatterjee gets some limelights on her without which no one would have known about her.
Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza gets some publicity with more TRP being drawn towards it, till people get tired of the irritating and repetitive twosome of Krushna and Bharati.
And Parched (the movie) gets some free mileage in the Media without having a shell out a bomb for actual promotions.
Meanwhile, we Indians will continue to outrage over trivial things, falling right into the trap of such people who are using controversies to bait us into gaining free publicity for themselves and their movies.
Disclaimer: Can you guys please outrage over this post too so that it goes viral and gets me some publicity?? That ways I wont have to pay anyone for post promotions 😛

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