Befikre ….. A Movie Review

* *

Befikre is the same old romantic story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, break up and then get back together.

We have seen this tried and tested formula a countless number of times in Bollywood.

So what makes Befikre different from all the other movies?

Well, nothing much actually.

Perhaps the only difference is that the movie is shot in France instead of in Punjab or Switzerland.

Ranveer Singh tries to hold the fort with his monkey antics, but with the poor quality of humor from the dialogue writers, there is only so much that a guy can do. He even had to flash his bare naked butt at the audience for that brief second but I seriously doubt anyone was interested.

Paired opposite Ranveer, is Vaani Kapoor, of the Shudh Desi Romance fame, with a brand new lip job, that makes her look like Katrina Kaif’s brother.

She has neither the charm nor the oomph to hold your attention and you end up looking at the french girls in the background, instead. At the best Vaani might be able to give Sonam Kapoor a run for her money, a run that no one would be bothered to watch, in any case….

The movie is excruciatingly long, and especially since it is predictable it seems even longer.

When Ranvir and Vaani jump off the cliff at the end of the movie, I felt like I should have gone and pushed them a long time back. (No they dont die, there is no suspense or twist here)

By the end of the movie, Aditya Chopra has managed to ruin whatever was left with such alarming proficiency that all you want to do is go home and cry yourself to sleep.

The only saving grace (if you can call it that) is that the movie is bright and lively.

The movie probably would get an award for having the most number of kissing scenes, infact the movie starts and ends with a kiss.

The only thing that you get to kiss, however, is your hard earned money, good bye.

Disclaimer: This is one time that I am actually upset with Pahlaj Nihalani for not cutting the smooching scenes and Ranvir’s butt scene from the movie. The movie would have been around 1 hour shorter with those cuts and I would have gotten out of the torture much earlier.

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