Bholu Bhakt defends PM Modi against CM Modi

Me(sitting in a corner and mumbling): The PM is a puppet !! He is involved in corruption !! He does absolutely nothing!! We Indians lament about what sin we have committed to be born in India…. !! The Government needs to Answer for all its hollow promises !!!

Bholu Bhakt: How dare you say bad things about our Great Nation and our Respected Prime Minister !!! If you cant respect Modi atleast respect the Honorary Position of the Prime Minister of our Great Nation. Why do you keep questioning the Government all the time.

Me: (looking up) But, I was simply remembering the words from Modi’s speeches before May 2014.

Bholu Bhakt: O F@*# You !!

Disclaimer: Bholu Bhakt is a fictitious character and made up name and has no relation to any caste, creed, religion or animal species, living, dead or braindead. If anyone has any objection on the name Bholu Bhakt, please remember you are not Hari Sadu and I am not a multi million job portal company. Sue karne pe Ghanta mila to bhi bahut mila samajh lena 😛

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