Bholu Bhakt and The Other Side of the Fence

Me: You heard about Cyril Almeida?

Bholu Bhakt: Who…Who Almeida..Does he eat beef?

Me: Uff, the reporter from Pakistani news agency Dawn?? The one who criticised Pakistan Government and Army?

Bholu Bhakt: Oh yes !!! He is a fantastic guy !!! Dawn is great !! Cyril is great !! Kudos !! Bravo. He has the guts to criticize Pak Government while staying in Pakistan.

Me: Well there are a few Indian reporters staying in India who criticize the Indian Government too…….

Bholu Bhakt: BAH !!! They are Prestitutes !!

Disclaimer: We appreciate the courage of those people who criticize their own Governments as long as its not the same as our own —— Chota Chanakya Nagpurwala circa 2014-(still alive)

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