Bholu Bhakt boycotts the Anti-Nationals

So I got invited to a family function of Bholu Bhakt.

Saw a lot of food spread around in different stalls.

I made my way to the Chinese stall and began hogging on some noodles (veg ofcourse)

Just as I was about to take a second helping, a voice came from behind

Bholu Bhakt: What the hell!!!! Why are you eating Chinese?? Don’t you know you are not supposed to eat Chinese anymore.

Me: But…. But…..You have yourself arranged a Chinese food Stall in your own function.

Bholu Bhakt: Arey so what? I will keep a Chinese stall but you shouldn’t eat it.

Me: 😱😱😱😱

Disclaimer: Seriously wondering if I should listen to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs or shut my ears when they play.

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