Bholu Bhakt Goes to Liquor Store

While on my weekend shopping spree, I found Bholu Bhakt standing outside a liquor store with crisp pink pink Rs. 2000 notes in his hands.

I went and tapped him on his shoulder.

Me: Hey, what are you doing at a liquor store?
Bholu Bhakt: Buying Daru…..duh….

Me: Yeah I got that, but you don’t drink and neither does anyone in your family!! 😳😳
Bholu Bhakt: That’s true, but Jaitley Ji has said that after 2 quarters all hardships will go away. So I am buying 3 quarters per family member just to be safe. (waving the pink notes in my face)

Me (not wanting to miss a chance to take a dig at him): But why are you paying by cash? Not paying by card? 😝
Bholu Bhakt (without missing a step): Oh I am saving the card to pay the beggars at the signal.

Me: 😱😱😱😱😱

Disclaimer: Beggars using swiping machines is a big achievement for the Modi Sarkar. That India still has so many beggars is all because of the 70 years of Congress rule and Nehru’s expensive habits

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