Bholu Bhakt Goes To The Bank

So Bholu Bhakt went to the bank today to exchange the Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes.

He knew there was going to be a long line there, so he decided to go fully prepared.

Took with him a:

Lunch Box
Water Bottle
Some Fruit
Glucon D
iPod for the music
Bal Narendra Comic Books for Timepass
10 packets of Gutka
A Plastic Bag to spit in, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan and all that.
A Bed Sheet (just in case)

When his number came, he realized that he had FORGOTTEN TO TAKE THE DAMN NOTES!!!

Ab Kal Fir Jaake Line Mein Khada Hona Padega.

Disclaimer: Also, remember to not take only Rs. 2000 notes from the bank just because they look “Pretty in Pink”. You might get your #SelfieWith2k but you might not get change when you try to spend it 😝

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