Bholu Bhakt supports UCC

Bholu Bhakt: You know we should have UCC for India soon !! Very Soon !!

Me: Whats that?? Ultra Clean Chicken??

Bholu Bhakt: Abbey No Yaar, you always think about eating !! Uniform Civil Code. One Law for the entire nation. Everyone should be bound under the same laws.

Me: Oh how do you mean?

Bholu Bhakt: Why should Muslims have a separate law?? Why should their women be allowed to wear burkhas in high security places? Why should they have this silly triple talaaq thing? Why should they be allowed to have four wives?

Me: Ah yes yes !! I get the gist of what you are saying. Why should Jain monks or Naga Sadhus walk around naked on the streets when you and me might get arrested for the same?

Bholu Bhakt: But, thats in their religion……

Me: And why should Sikhs be allowed to get away by wearing a Turban on a bike when we have to wear a helmet, or carrying a Kripan in a domestic flight when you or me have to throw away even our scissors.

Bholu Bhakt: Oh Shattap !! Tere se to baat hi karna bekaar hain……….

Disclaimer: Uniform Civil Code sounds like a great idea, but I wonder how practical it might be to implement it honestly. For all I know, it might end up being just another electoral rhetoric to fuel the masses. On the other hand…. Ultra Clean Chicken anyone??

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