Bholu Bhakt Uses Banking Apps

Seeing Bholu Bhakt sitting rather woefully in his office I went up to him and patted on his back.

Me: What happened bro?

Bholu Bhakt: Arey Bhai I heard Modi Jis fiery speech in Punjab rally to fight against black money.

Me: You mean Badal waali Punjab Rally na?

Bholu Bhakt: Yes yes same one. It was very inspiring. I immediately downloaded all available banking and money transfer apps on my smart phone.

Me: That’s a good thing, so why are you sad?

Bholu Bhakt: Then I had to go to get my Agricultural land converted into a Non Agricultural one. All papers are clear.

Me: Umm okay so still, why sad?

Bholu Bhakt: But Bhai, there is no “Bribe Now” option in any of these apps. Now how am I supposed to get all those signatures required for the sanction??

Me: Check the Jio Money App, maybe that has the option?

Bholu Bhakt: Good idea. 😀😀😀

So saying he grinned and got busy searching for the Jio Money App.

Disclaimer: If Reliance Jio copies my “Bribe Now” option and incorporates it in their app, I am going to sue them big time and give all of you a huge party.

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