Bholu Bhakt Wants a Driver

Bholu Bhakt was sitting in his office talking to a guy, as I walked in. Zee News being played out in the background.

Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, have a seat I will finish interviewing this guy, I need a driver for my car.

I sat down.

Bholu Bhakt (to the guy): Haan, to bata. How do you drive a car?
Guy: First I will pump up the handle on the side to start it, then press the clutch with my hand, then put it in gear and then vrooomm vrooomm vrooommmmm

Bholu Bhakt: Abbey!!! Are you driving a car or a rickshaw?
Guy: Sir, they are both automotive vehicles na!! Gaadi aakhir Gaadi hoti hain. I will drive a car too in an equally competitive way.

Bholu Bhakt (almost losing it): Abbey bahar nikal yaha se!! Kuch bhi bak deta hain tu…
Guy: Sir, atleast give me a chance, I am sure I will do a good job. Give me a few days trial atleast.

Bholu Bhakt: GET OUT 😡😡😡

The guy almost ran out of the office.

Bholu Bhakt (to me): Ab aise koi chance deta hain kya? After all its a question of my beloved car!!

I nodded at him as the voice on the TV boomed, “Mitron mujhe buss pachas din dena…..”

Me: Rubbish policy this guy has brought in..

Bholu Bhakt: Aise mat bol Bhai, ek chance to de do unko….Itna keh rahe hain….

Me: *Facepalm*

Disclaimer: We Indians will take 1000 precautions and not give or take any chances when it comes to our beloved car, but when it comes to our country…..BMKJ

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