Bholu Bhakt wants to END TV

Bholu Bhakt: This bloody Anti National NDTV gave telecasts during the Pathankot attacks… Wo bhi LIVE 😠

Me: But so did most other channels…

Bholu Bhakt: But they gave out details of the attack 😠😠

Me: But those details were already out in Public Domain in various newspapers even before they were aired on TV.

Bholu Bhakt: No No!! NDTV gave out National Security Secrets on Live Television 😠😠😠

Me: Oh!! Sorry, I didn’t know that! Which secrets???

Bholu Bhakt: I don’t know!! I watch Times Now and Zee News. 😑😑😑

Disclaimer: 69 standing ovations and 8 clap interventions to NDTV for revealing National Secrets in such a manner that no one knows about them, still πŸ‘πŸ‘

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