Demonetization …. A Masterstroke by Modi ji … Well, Almost

I am pretty convinced that the Demonetization is indeed a Masterstroke by Modi…..well, almost.
It will manage to catch all the bearers of black money very soon……well, almost.
All the rich businessmen of large corporates who skim taxes, evade duties and accumulate black money will come under the scanner…..but since most of this black money is not in form hard cash but stashed away in offshore accounts like Swiss or Panama….. So well, almost.
All the Government employees who have hoarded black money by taking bribes over the last 70 years (except the past two years of pure Ram Rajya) will be made to cough up their hoardings and go to jail…… But since the Government has passed a bill which exempts their employees from investigation by any agency unless permission is taken from the higher ups…..So well, almost.
All Religious organizations who have multiple stashes of Gold and Hard Cash which they receive in donations will see a huge Government crack down on their assets….But since donations made to religious organizations do not come under the ambit of Tax…..So well, almost.
All Politicians who thrive in black money and use them for elections will find their funds locked up and will never be able to use them…….But since Political Parties are exempt from any Income Tax scrutiny for the donations that they receive even if they are in old notes……. So well, almost.
But leaving aside these few small time hoarders, whose entire collection of black money cannot be more than mere pocket change, all the other major hoarders like Kiranawalas, Matadi Workers and Housewives who have been storing away this black money for one rainy day will be surely taken to task…….But since their Income cannot be more than Rs. 2.5 lac in most cases…. So well, almost.
Disclaimer: UNESCO has declared Modi Ji as the First Prime Minister of India to have brought in this revolutionary demonetization method to our country…..But since Morarji Desai had already done this in 1978…..So well, almost.

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