Next Step: Implement GST !! Oh The Horrors…..

After the way Modi and his band of Merry Men have implemented Demonetization, merrily in this case, I am quite scared at the thought of this same Government implementing the GST in the next year.
– GST will be implemented from April 2017
– No, lets make it from October 2017
– No, it will be from April 2017
– Across India
– No, Only in select states
– No, all states !!!
– For all businesses
– Except Textiles
– And Mobile Phones
– Nah, for all businesses. Those who were exempted should pay the tax immediately now.
– Accha, all other taxes will be discontinued and only GST will prevail
– Except Excise
– Okay, and Sales Tax
– And VAT
– And the Swach Bharat CESS
– Okay, also the Kisan CESS
– No, only one tax
– Now, you can pay only one tax but you have to give notification of all other taxes and satisfy two tax officials who will question you about everything.
– No more additional taxes from tomorrow
– No wait …..
And it goes on …….
Wishing you all a Scary Christmas and a Happy New Fear 🙂
Disclaimer: I plan to hide under the bed and cry myself to sleep thinking about this.

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