Ganga Jaise Pavitra …..

When Ravi Shankar Prasad went on TV yesterday and claimed that Modi Ji is “Ganga Jaise Pavitra” the first thing that happened was the flashing of vivid images in the front of my eyes, of Mandakini frolicking under the waterfall dressed in her sheer white saree, with nothing underneath.
It was only when her face started changing into that of the 56 incher, that it started getting scary. Took me a full night and a series of Ramsey movies to get over those ghastly images.

But I must say full marks to Ravi Shankar Prasad to deliver this dialogue with just the right amount of quiver in his voice, which would have put the Sanskari Babuji Alok Nath, to shame.

Come to think of it, Ravi Shankar Prasad was not too far off the mark, either, when he compared Modi Ji with the Holy River Ganges (I am presuming here that he did not mean to compare him with the more popular Raj Kapoor’s muse of the 1980s).
All one has to do is to take a dip in the Ganga and you come out with a Clean Chit, completely absolving you of all your past sins, getting you fresh and ready to commit newer ones. Sounds familiar??
And both are considered as the epitome of purity by their respective Bhakts, though the reality is obvious.

The only difference between the two is that if you go to the banks of Ganga and take your picture with it, Ganga does not jump out and start looking at the camera. But I am sure we can let some of these little differences pass.

So, I do think that Ravi Shankar Prasad was quite on the mark here with his comparison, the only thing he might have forgotten is that “Ganga Jaise Pavitra” is a term which is most often used to denote a FEMALE who is supposed to be VIRGIN, or atleast thats what the movies have taught us.
And I have no clue if this is true, in part or in full, neither do I have the sources to find information on this.
Disclaimer: The next time you want to take a sip of Gangajal, please try and find out its source. Is from the Himalaya waali Ganga or from RaviShankar Prasad ki Ganga. Ofcourse this does not apply to the die hard Bhakts, I am sure they wont mind that “Jal” being from either of the two Gangas.

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