Bholu Bhakt And The Dent In The Car

Bholu Bhakt finally managed to hire a new driver and the first task entrusted to the new appointee was to get Bholu’s brand new car from its first servicing.
I dropped Bholu to his office, since he didnt have his car and as we reached the office we could see his shiny new car with a huge dent right on the front fender.
Bholu was livid !!! Hopping with rage he ran up to his cabin and immediately summoned the driver.
Bholu Bhakt: You !!! Where did that dent in the car come from??
Driver: Sir, I was having my morning tea.
Bholu Bhakt: I am asking you about the dent in the car. Did you bang the car somewhere?? How did the dent get there?
Driver (pointing to his chin): Sir, I think you missed a spot while shaving.
Bholu Bhakt: The Dent !! The Dent in the car !!
Driver: Sir, there is some dirt on your shirt, didnt you wash it properly?
Bholu Bhakt: Abbey !!! I am talking about the DENT IN THE CAR !!
Driver (imitating Bholu): Abbey !! I am talking about the DENT IN THE CAR !!
Bholu Bhakt: Are you an idiot? I am asking you something and you are replying something totally different and on the top of that you are mimicking me??
Driver: Sir, I was just copying your role model, I thought you would understand and support my responses.
(pointing to the grinning picture of the 56 incher on Bholu Bhakt’s cabin wall).
Me?? I was the fly on the wall throughout this conversation, though I couldnt help but guffaw at the last dialogue, vivid images flashing in my mind of Modi mimicking Rahul Gandhi, instead of answering the questions, which were asked.
But then again, if ridiculing someone gets you off the hook from answering to the point questions, then why not??
Unfortunately, the Driver did not get the support that Bholu Bhakt’s idol got.
Bholu Bhakt is now looking for a new driver. Anyone interested in taking up the job?
Disclaimer: Before you ask me any questions about this post, do remember that I am pretty good at mimicking, myself.

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