LEAKED: Top Secret Security Measures inside the Shivaji Maharaj Statue…..

To all those who are cribbing about the Shivaji Maharaj statue.

This is actually a Masterstroke by Modi Ji, the Ganga Se Bhi Pavitra Masterstroker.

The sword on the statue is actually a Solar Panel which will generate enough electricity to light up the entire city of Mumbai.
The base of the statue is constructed of special filters which will convert the salty sea water into fresh drinkable water, purer than Ganga water (no reference to Modi Ganga Maiya)

The top of the statue will have a unique reciever which will receive signals from the Nano GPS tracker in your Rs. 2000 notes in the Mumbai Metropolitan region.

And there is an inbuilt high frequency radar inside the statue which will detect any Pakistani Terrorists trying to enter Mumbai by sea.
Especially if Ajmal Kasab’s cousin and his friends try to enter Mumbai, Shivaji Maharaj will himself come out of the statue and kick their ass!!!!
This is a Top Secret and was revealed in utmost confidentiality by the same person who let out the secret of the Nano GPS tracking chip in Rs.2000 note.
Even UNESCO doesn’t know about it yet.
Black Money —– Check
Terrorism —– Check
Development ——- Check
Patriotism ——-??? 😳😳

Wait, Soldiers are standing at the border and you can’t support a Statue standing in sea??

Patriotism —– Check 😀
Disclaimer: Why wait to forward WhatsApp messages when you can create them yourself? So go on. Forward as Recieved 😉😉

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