Bholu Bhakt and The Sleeveless Blouse

So I was sitting in Bholu Bhakt’s office having my Chai while Bholu was busy in discussion with his another close friend. Masoom Mureed.

Masoom Mureed: Bholu Bhai, Sami Bhai did not do right by allowing his wife to wear such clothes.
Bholu Bhakt: How can you say that?? Its his wife, he can allow her to wear whatever he want, whats your problem

I wanted to chirp in here to say that Mohammed Sami’s wife, actually had every right to wear whatever she wants to wear, whether even her Husband likes it or not, but I thought I would keep quiet and enjoy watching the conversation between Bholu and Masoom unfold, so I continued sipping on my Chai.

Masoom Mureed: Bhai, you think its your wife, would you have allowed your wife or daughter or sister to wear such a low neck dress with no sleeves?
Bholu Bhakt: Well, that is a point. Girls these days wear these revealing clothes, without sleeves, off shoulder, showing cleavage, tight jeans, bum sticking out, short skirts, tank tops….(he stopped, wiping the little bit of drool that came out from the corner of his mouth)

Masoom Mureed: And is this all nice? Is this decent? Ache Ghar ki bahu betiyaan aise karti hain kya?
Bholu Bhakt: You are right and I will agree with you on this one. Girls from good families do not wear such clothes. We should stop such Western culture from encroaching on our rich Hindu…. err and Muslim traditions. They are spoiling our women.

Masoom Mureed: Thats what I am saying !!! Anyways, wo rehne do. Whats your plan for New Years?
Bholu Bhakt: No plans Bhai, I will probably sit at home and watch TV or something.

They both looked at me…

Me: Oh My plans? There is this New Years Bash at a resort near Mud Island. All inclusive package, nice food, lots of drinks, great music.
Bholu Bhakt: And what about the crowd?
Masoom Mureed: Yeah Yeah !!! What about the crowd?

Me: What crowd do you expect at such parties. Sexy Crowd, but ofcourse !!!
Bholu Bhakt (licking the corner of his lips): You mean hot sexy girls in short mini skirts shaking their booty to angrezi music?
Masoom Mureed (eyes glazed, mouth open): Gobbity Gobbity Gibberish

Me: Yes. Its a New Year’s Party !! What do you expect?
Bholu Bhakt and Masoom Mureed (in unison): Bhai, if you have an extra pass, can you give me one?

Disclaimer: I will probably not go for the party if Bholu Bhakt is going for it. The last time I took him to a discotheque he asked me if he should carry a bundle of Rs. 10 notes with him to throw in the air…. but that’s another story.

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