After Seizing Dawood’s Properties, Ajit Doval is After ROBERT VADRA !!

#ThisJustIn #BreakingNews
It has been nearly confirmed by unconfirmed sources from a relatively unknown semi-close aide of James Bond Ajit Doval, that all the properties of Robert Vadra aka Jijaji have been seized by the Gurgaon Police.
This has come close on the heels of UAE Government seizing Rs. 15,000 crore worth of properties of Dawood Ibrahim.
A clear Masterstroke by the Masterstroker, Modi Ji in full co-ordination with our very own Desi James Bond Doval 420.

While the BJP IT Cell along with Zee News and Satyavijai are busy preparing the necessary photoshopped images to circulate over the Social Media, Robert Vadra is wondering why he woke up in the middle of the street on a “khatiya” with a Cow trying to nibble on his toe.

There are plans to combine the seized properties of Dawood and Vadra and auction them off along with Vijay Mallya’s properties (which no one seems to be buying) at the next Vibrant Gujarat Summit.
Disclaimer: The rumors that MI6 has asked Ajit Doval to find the location of GoldFinger are yet to be confirmed. You will be the first to know as soon as they are.

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